Adventures of a new Dad

A Welcome Surprise

When me and my wife first got married we had been planning on having a couple of years alone together before even thinking of having children. We definitely both wanted kids, that wasn’t even up for debate, but felt it was important to have some time building the foundations of our marriage before we were ready to raise a child. Turns out that, short of total abstinence, we’re really not in charge of that sort of thing!

My darling wife (DW) had been feeling a bit funny for a few days, and we were waiting patiently for her period to arrive. It was a couple of days late, but we weren’t too worried as this has happened a couple of times before. Over the weekend, we went to a friend’s dedication ceremony for their child, and one of the people praying was pregnant which made DW think “Oh, I really do want to be pregnant!” We talked about that, laughed it off, and got on with our plan to think about having kids in 2012 or so.

A few days ago I was travelling away from home on business, and waiting patiently for the train in Derby, I got a phone call from DW. Hesitantly, quietly, she told me that she had gone and bought two pregnancy tests, and they were positive. I was a bit quiet, trying to work out if this was a practical joke or not. Finally, deciding that it wasn’t, I said “OK…” Not the most eloquent, or reassuring, of responses, but I quickly leaped into action to say all the right things. After the shock had worn off, it started to sink in and the joy started to rise!

We have always been firm believers that there is no such thing as an accidental pregnancy. As Christians, we believe that God is intimately involved in the creation of every child, and without Him no pregnancy would happen. Although we’ve made the choice to use contraception in our marriage, we’ve always said that God is in charge of when we have children, and we’ll be happy if He does so. So, while this is definitely a surprise, it is a welcome one!

The fun thing now is to look back and see all the ways that God has sovereignly prepared us for this. From little things like the recent conversations we’ve had about which baby names we like, to the way we never quite found time to dye my wife’s hair before our recent 1st anniversary celebration (which is apparently bad to do when a woman is pregnant. It got really fun when we found out that He has revealed our pregnancy to various people to help us understand that this really is His plan. The first person was my sister, who has a bit of a habit of having a prophetic sense about situations. She said that there were a couple of times over the last two months where she has had moments of thinking “Oh, they’re going to have a baby soon!”. The other person was my wife’s boss, who felt God say to her last week that my wife is pregnant, but had just been writing it off as a silly thought she had.

I’m loving how God is all over this, and that we can totally trust Him to carry on doing so! The rest of this blog will be about my adventures in both impending and actual fatherhood. I hope it’s entertaining, encouraging and maybe even a little bit informative 🙂


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    my new blog, Daddy Sidnell, where I called it a welcome surprise.
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    the pregnancy, we’ve had fun […]

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