Adventures of a new Dad

Five weeks pregnant

My wife is now five weeks pregnant! The news has well and truly sunk in, and we’ve received our chosen pregnancy book in the post, The Day-by-Day Pregnancy Book. It’s a great book, showing how the baby grows and develops day by day. Rather than a huge book that we’d probably never get around to reading, we can read a page a day, with photos, diagrams and little tips giving exactly the information we need at the time we need it! For example, at the start of this week, they showed us an actual-size photo of what Baby Sidnell looks like at the moment – he’s only 2.5mm tall!!

We’re enjoying the journey of adjusting our thoughts of what life would hold over the couple of years. As I said before, kids were always on our agenda, but we’d not been thinking of having them immediately. We’re settling in to the idea that our family is starting a bit earlier than planned, and we’re totally into it now!

I’m finding that the paternal instincts are kicking in – if anything, I might be being a bit over-protective of my lovely wife and the baby growing a bit bigger every day. There’s a fine line between healthy care, and over-bearing dictatorship, and I’m just praying that God will always keep me on the right side of that line! My wife is accepting it well though. It helps that all we both want is for our little addition to keep on growing healthily and normally 🙂


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