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Friday Feeling: Kids Rock

As a bit of a music fan, and an uncle to 9 nieces and nephews giving me a bit of advance warning, it’s safe to say that one of the parts of Fatherhood I’ve been least looking forward to is the cheaply-made renditions of kids’ songs. You know the sort of CDs I mean –  the Early Learning Centre sell them for £3, and all the arrangements have been created on a cheap sounding keyboard, even the guitar and trumpet parts. Even though there’s 40 songs on the disc, the whole thing only takes 10 minutes to listen to, so the disc is put on endless repeat to keep the kid’s quiet.

What we need is someone to do kids’ songs that rock


Baby Sidnell is here!

It’s my great pleasure to announce that early on Saturday morning (very early), Baby Sidnell joined us 🙂

People always say that you never know how much having children will change your life until you finally have them, and that’s definitely true! We were expecting a certain amount of upheaval, but we definitely under-estimated quite how much of our strength would be taken up with just getting used to having this little blessing with us. I’d actually been optimistically talking with my boss about working from home in the first couple of weeks after the baby arrived, but he suggested that I might not actually be aware of how much having a baby takes it out of you in the start. He was right 🙂

It’s totally worth it though! She’s only been back home with us for a day or so, but it’s already tough to imagine life without her. Having Mummy next to me with Baby in arms singing and cooing over her is just the best thing in this world. Not to mention when Baby grabs hold of my finger, or opens her eyes so wide and just stares up – well, these things are just beyond this world!

Not too sure how often I’ll get to blog going forward – I think any spare moments for the next couple of weeks are likely to be spent on afternoon naps than anything else – but there’ll definitely be more from this new Daddy as life goes on with Mummy and Baby.