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Ready and waiting…

Let’s get that oldest blog cliche out of the way – it really has been a long time since my last post! In many ways, I’m a bit gutted that I’d not been better at writing posts – there’s been so much that we’ve been through as our little one has been getting ready for their debut. Some of what I’ve thought of writing about will still be good to write about in future. An awful lot of them have been about the natural fears, worries and concerns about health and illnesses, and with two cases of chicken pox in my family recently I’m under no illusions that this will disappear when our baby arrives! Opportunities to write the other things have probably been missed, but it’s no use crying over missed blog posts – let’s get going again 🙂

Long story short, we’re now in the month of our due date. Our midwife pointed out yesterday that we can finally start saying “Our baby arrives this month”, which feels an awful lot closer than than the 5 weeks we were talking about just a short time ago! I guess it could still be proved wrong, because our little one could always arrive later than planned,  but we’re actually more concerned that the birth could happen earlier than scheduled. So the last couple of months have been getting ourselves ready.

Thanks to the kindness of family/friends and the genius of Freecycle we’ve got enough clothes to last the first 18 months or so. The hospital bags for mum and baby are packed. The nursery is ready, and with less than 31 days to go, we’re just waiting for labour to start so that we can welcome our little one into our home.

After that, it’ll all be plain sailing, right? 😉