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Morning sickness and feeling helpless

So being in our seventh week now, morning sickness has well and truly arrived 😦 It’s weird, I’ve obviously heard of morning sickness, and may even have witnessed it a bit in sisters and friends when they’ve been pregnant, but it’s never affected me like seeing my love have to go through it!

I just feel utterly helpless with each fresh wave of nausea. We can be talking normally, and then suddenly that look comes and I know she’s going to have to run off again. I just wish there was something practical i could do – being a man, obviously it is my God-given task to fix it! The best I can do is keep reminding us that morning sickness is a good sign, and that it is stabilising the baby. That helps, and I know when we’re holding our baby, it’ll be totally worth it!

Still, it’s made me think a bit – mums really do suffer for their children! As a bloke I don’t think I ever appreciated exactly what mums go through. Obviously I’m never going to experience nausea due to pregnancy, but seeing it firsthand in the woman I love is giving me a glimpse and an inkling of how motherhood has to start much earlier than fatherhood. All of which is to say, big love and respect to my wife who is already caring for our little one!

As for fatherhood, thinking again, I guess I’m already doing it because every time I care for my wife, I’m also caring for our baby. What’s more, I get to pray and ask our Father to look after all three of us, which is very cool 🙂